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Saigon, RVN

        The Army's 34th General Support Group at Ton Son Nhut Airbase was formed in 1965 to handle aviation supply and maintenance support for Army aircraft, which reached a wartime high of 4,228 in 1969.  The 34th General Support Group ultimately had two depot companies, five general support companies, 11 direct support companies, 4 aviation electronics companies, and the Aviation Materiel Management Center with which to accomplish its mission.  However, qualitative personnel problems in supply and maintenance were particularly high for aircraft because of the nature of the materiel maintained.  Civilian contractors were used to augment the military capability in critical skill areas, particularly in areas of sheet metal and structural repairs.  The table below shows strength authorizations by fiscal year for contractor personnel.

Company            FY65   FY66  FY67   FY68    FY69   FY70

Lockheed                                       100       232     287
Lear Siegler                                 457      624       832     733 
Dynalectron           34      239      550      847     1056     872 
          Total:           34      239    1007    1571     2120   1892

        The Aviation Systems Command provided either Department of the Army civilians or manufacturer's field service representatives to advise and assist in problem areas arising from the operation of complex and sophisticated equipment in the field.  In the summer of 1969, 151 field service representatives were authorized.*

*United States Army Logistics 1775-1992, Charles R. Shrader, Center of Military History, United States Army, Washington, D.C., 1997.

        Other activities located at Saigon that employed large numbers of U.S. civilians include the 3rd Field Hospital, the MACV Compound ("Saigon Pentagon"), and Pacific Architects & Engineers.  

U. S. civilians who served at Saigon:

        Akins, Robin J.                   RMK-BRJ

        Bullock, Danny M.             RMK-BRJ,
        1967-1968                            Personnel        

        Davis, Kaye                         Davis Distributing Company
                                                      Pacific Architects & Engineers

        Davis, Michael J.                Davis Distributing Company

        Davis, Robert S. Jr.            Davis Distributing Company
                                                     Dynalectron Corporation

        Davis, Robert S. Sr. (Pop)  Davis Distributing Company

        Hartman, Mary                   Davis Distributing Company

        Neumann, Larry                  Davis Distributing Company

        Nguyen Thi Hai**              Davis Distributing Company                    

        Pielsticker, Jane                 Pacific Architects & Engineers

        Richards, Roy

        Sommers, Dutch                  Air America, Pilot

        Taplin, Rhea*                      Davis Distributing Company

        Thompson, Charley             Davis Distributing Company

        Troung Tan Phouc**           Davis Distributing Company            

        Winters, Art                         Davis Distributing Company
                                                      Pacific Architects & Engineers

        *A British citizen working for a U. S. company.

        **A South Vietnamese citizen working for a U. S. company.


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