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         The following photographs depicting Chinook and Huey operations in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam in 1967 were contributed by Raymond Judycki.  The Chinooks are from the 179th Assault Support Helicopter Company and the Hueys are from the 119th Assault Helicopter Company.  The photographer was likely CWO Don Joyce of the 179th Assault Support Helicopter Company.  Click any thumbnail to enlarge, but please be patient as they are large files and may take a long time to load, especially for dial-up Internet users.


    chinooks_in_flight.jpg (205362 bytes)   chinook_with_watertank.jpg (277810 bytes)   chinook_with_slingload.jpg (235719 bytes)   chinook_slinging_huey.jpg (94528 bytes)

             chinook_slinging_cannon.jpg (30194 bytes)   chinook_delivering_cannon.jpg (80897 bytes)   troop_ladder.jpg (287275 bytes)

      Elephant 1.jpg (86959 bytes)   elephant_2.jpg (395733 bytes)

   huey_resupply.jpg (164573 bytes)   huey_over_lz.jpg (271365 bytes)   hueys_in_field.jpg (221301 bytes)

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